Bedroom Furniture

Once you have laid upon, squeezed, prodded, and rolled across our many different mattresses and beds, (possibly returning to the first bed you laid upon to roll again!), you might be a little sleepy. But more importantly, we hope you’ll have discovered the bed that is going to improve your nocturnal slumbers. At this stage you may well start to consider what bedroom furniture would complement it.

Considering how much time we spend in our beds, the bedroom is an incredibly important room in the house. How we decorate the bedroom can impact on how well we sleep and the success of our day. Our bedroom furniture has been sourced by ourselves to ensure it complements our beds and we have learnt that our customers appreciate the convenience of choosing their bedroom furniture at the same time as choosing their ideal bed. Please speak to our staff and we will work to ensure everything arrives when is most convenient for you. Please follow the link below to view our range of bedroom furniture.





I think you'd agree that we all deserve a good nights sleep. That is why we're dedicated to only stocking the most comfortable beds and mattresses. Which means a visit to Cardiff Bedstore could help you have the night and (more importantly) the day of your life!

How to find us

There is not better way to appreciate a good mattress or bed than actually lying on it, so why not come to our showroom and test the beds!


Once you have decided upon your ideal bed (or beds!), we are more than happy to have it delivered to your home. We also have great relationships wth the country's leading manufacturers meaning some deliveries are free of charge. To find out more, please get in touch.